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AWS CodeWhisperer: setting up and first tests

Everyone has already heard of or use GitHub's Copilot or ChatGPT to build their next billion dollars idea. I am a boring java dev and have spent the last few months (racing DeepRacer, working, helping the community, baking and) in a cave, un

AWS re:Invent 2021: My Schedule

I'm very excited about being able to attend AWS re:Invent in person this year. Let me share which sessions I've reserved seats in. Assumptions Workshops > other session types - there are many types of sessions you ca

How to add service X to AWS CLI and boto3

In this post I will share how to add an AWS service to AWS CLI utility and for use with boto3. One of the missing features AWS DeepRacer Community have been regularly raising has been lack of CLI access to AWS DeepRacer Console. Thank

Teach me, AWS Code Guru

Today I will run a machine-learning-backed code analysis against the Python-based deepracer-utils project. As the AWS re:Invent continues, many new products have been announced.

AWS DeepRacer Log Analysis, Take 2020

I have spent a lot of time thinking about the log analysis solutions in the last 10 months. I would like to present to you the new log analysis solution to which I have transformed my notebooks that I have been promoting last year. A

Slightly better than not good enough

I took up a new hobby seven months ago. I'm a boring Java dev, I work with legacy systems, I like improving them and making them maintainable, non-legacy elements of my company's ecosystem. When I attended AWS Summit in London to participate

AWS DeepRacer Community Log Analysis Challenge

In the Community it is important to us to help new members when they struggle, enable them when they want to contribute and support them in progressing from passive to active contributors. This is why we have started community challenges in

Racing in depth. Preparing a strategy for AWS DeepRacer League

August has been an incredible month in the AWS DeepRacer world. The Udacity & AWS DeepRacer Scholarship Challenge brought a lot of attention and this has lead to many new co

Training locally for AWS DeepRacer and a Udacity Challenge with rewards

August started in the world of AWS DeepRacer with a high C - Friendly folks at Udacity created this challenge that you might want to get your hands dirty with: AWS DeepRacer Scholar

Improving AWS DeepRacer log analysis even further

In the previous post I mentioned raising a pull request to AWS with my version of log analysis. I received first feedback, including that from myself.

Analyzing the AWS DeepRacer logs my way

Over the whole time I've spent learning to DeepRace, I kept mentioning how log analysis was important to me. Let me expand on it a little bit.

AWS DeepRacer Virtual Race #2: Kumo Torakku

After the first virtual race came the second: Kumo Torakku, which is Japanese for a cloud-shaped truck.