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Like only a mother could

Racing in depth. Preparing a strategy for AWS DeepRacer League

August has been an incredible month in the AWS DeepRacer world. The Udacity & AWS DeepRacer Scholarship Challenge brought a lot of attention and this has lead to many new co

Training locally for AWS DeepRacer and a Udacity Challenge with rewards

August started in the world of AWS DeepRacer with a high C - Friendly folks at Udacity created this challenge that you might want to get your hands dirty with: AWS DeepRacer Scholar

Improving AWS DeepRacer log analysis even further

In the previous post I mentioned raising a pull request to AWS with my version of log analysis. I received first feedback, including that from myself.

Analyzing the AWS DeepRacer logs my way

Over the whole time I've spent learning to DeepRace, I kept mentioning how log analysis was important to me. Let me expand on it a little bit.

AWS DeepRacer Virtual Race #2: Kumo Torakku

After the first virtual race came the second: Kumo Torakku, which is Japanese for a cloud-shaped truck.

AWS DeepRacer League personal update 23.06.2019

Amazon have released a video yesterday to tell about the Virtual League and I'm in it:

AWS DeepRacer Virtual Race #1: London Loop

After the AWS London Summit I joined the first virtual race: The London Loop. I must admit that I didn't write during that time because it was very competitive and I have spend a lot of time trying to keep up with the race. When you don't kn

Using Jupyter Notebook for analysing DeepRacer's logs

Training a model for DeepRacer involves getting a lot of data and then while you can ignore it, you can also analyze it and use for your own benefit.

I wasn't prepared to succeed. AWS DeepRacer League London.

On Wednesday I took part in autonomous car racing league. Let me share the story. I'll start with a trailer from Amsterdam:

Planning a training of an AWS DeepRacer autonomous car

Having completed the tutorial and started training, I had to decide on a proper way to get my DeepRacer going and doing it well. Analyzing the track I started with a bunch of default sample rewards like sticking to the center

AWS DeepRacer Console is live! Time to train.

A lot happened Since I wrote the recent post. The most important aspect is the general availability of an AWS DeepRacer Console. This has very significant influence on my plans.

Training a car for an autonomous race

I was very lucky to take part in AWS re:Invent this year. It is a big conference by Amazon, organized in Las Vegas. Events like this serve a number of purposes, among which I could mention new products announcements, existing products and th